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Roddy McCalley in Joshua Tree National Park
Roddy McCalley in Joshua Tree National Park

I spent most of a decade on the road, climbing 150-200 days a year. That’s one way to become a rock climber!

If you don’t plan to devote your whole life to climbing, the best way to fast-track your growth is professional instruction.

I will quickly assess your skills and find the right climbs and scenarios to push you to the next level. Small-group instruction is almost as effective as one-on-one, especially if the students are at roughly the same experience level.

We can work on anything from basic safety skills and climbing fundamentals to self-rescue and big-wall techniques. I believe in customizing my teaching to your specific goals. For more information, visit the Curriculum page.

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My teaching is featured in an instructional rock climbing program by VideOracles.

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Roddy McCalley grew up in Palo Alto, California.  Family vacations were mostly spent backpacking—spring and fall in the Coast Ranges, and summer in the High Sierra.

Climbing in Yosemite Valley
Climbing in Yosemite Valley

After graduating from Yale University with a degree in biology, he spent most of a decade working as an outdoor educator, with no fixed abode and all his worldly possessions in a Toyota Corolla.  It was during these years that he became hopelessly obsessed with rock climbing.

Guiding in Joshua Tree
Guiding in Joshua Tree

In 2009 he settled in Joshua Tree, California, where he works as a rock climbing instructor during the fall-winter-spring season.  He leads climbing and wilderness trips in the Sierra in June, July, August and September. Recent summers have also included trips to the mountains of Wyoming, Colorado, British Columbia, Washington, and Idaho, and many weeks in Yosemite Valley, living on a portaledge on the side of El Capitan.

In addition to his work as a guide, Roddy founded Outdoor Recreation Education, a nonprofit organization to promote healthy outdoor recreation by providing free and low-cost adventure programs for young people.

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